Plata O Plomo

Tag Line: Fight For Money Or Your Life.

Genre: Action / Drama / Thriller

Era: Present Time

Budget: 4 million

Audience: 18+

Co-Production: Mexico - Canada

Market: Mexico, Ecuador, USA

After Her Brother Is Kidnapped By The Most Powerful And Deadliest Drug Cartel In Mexico "Los Zetas". Rubi, A 15 Year Old, Resorts To Desperate Measures In Order To Find Him.

Mexico, Los Mochis Sinaloa. Corruption and violence have infected the city like a plague. Rubi, a young girl is forced to embark on a quest to find her recently kidnapped brother, Victor. "Los Zetas", Mexico's most powerful and deadly drug cartel, happen to be the ones responsible. Rubi decides to take it upon herself to find and save him. Worried for her daughter's safety, Lydia, Rubi's mother, sends her across the border into El Paso, Texas with hopes that a new life will spare her from sharing her brother's fate. Determined, Rubi turns around and drives back to Mexico. A short distance across the border, she is ambushed by "Los Zetas" and is only saved from imminent death by the intervention of Victor, who has now risen to a high-level member of the gang. Victor informs Rubi that their mother has been murdered and immediately plots an escape. In a frantic race to the airport, the pair are chased ruthlessly by "Los Zetas". Unable to evade the gang, Victor sacrifices himself so that Rubi can escape. As the plane takes off, Rubi can only think back on the countless lives that have been lost in her home, and why those responsible have yet to be punished.

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